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User friendly solutions to real world problems.


HSI Apps

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Available Now:

hii-line! is a data analytics and e-commerce company that specializes in the sale of CBD, Delta-8, and Delta-9 products. We provide a platform for our CBD clients to reach a larger, targeted audience through our marketing plan, store sale analytics to take advantage of sale trends, shipping services through our USPS shipping integration, and access to our customer base through the hii-line! mobile app (Available In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). In addition, we provide value to our customers by showcasing a growing production selection from stores that sell high quality CBD products.

iOS: Here

Android: Here

Available Now:
Got To Go

Have you ever traveled with someone who has an incredibly small bladder? Been out with kids that just can't hold it? Or found yourself away from home and doing the bathroom dance?

Lets be honest, we all have! To finally put an end to that, our team has mapped and rated thousands of free restrooms. Then created this free, easy to use app to make sure that you're always close to a free restroom when you need to go.


With our app, you may still do the bathroom dance but, you won't have to go too far when you've Got To Go!

For iOS Click: Here

Link Available Soon for Android

Upcoming App:
hii-line! Driver App

hii-line! Partners automatically get access to: hii-line! Drivers app. Each partner. is granted 10 licenses for turn by turn directions provided by  MapBox. Providing the fastest route from your store, to your customer, and back, the hii-line! Driver app saves you time and money by providing an efficient platform for our partners to deliver.

Coming Soon

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Stock Market

HSI Asset Management Template is a lightweight template. Created with SQLite in mind, HSM AST is ready to showcase system data and comes with scrips to mine your assets for. data. Get informed of everything on your network with this template.

Languages: Python, HTML5, CSS 

Frameworks: Flask, Bootstrap

Hosted by: Heroku


Demo App:
Choice Drop

ChoiceDrop is a Flutter developed platform for the ChoiceDrop Water company LLC. Operating in Northern New Jersey, USA

Languages: Flutter

Framework: MVC

Backend: Firebase


Upcoming App:

Velma is a trading platform that analyzes daily market changes and recommends stock, options, and position strategies to maximize trading returns. 

Languages: Python, HTML5, CSS, Flutter 

Frameworks: Flask

Hosted by: Heroku

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HSI was created with the idea that apps should be straight forward, user friendly, and the solutions to real world problems.

Our number one priority is to make your everyday life better by creating apps that:


  • Are and always will be free.

  • Add value to your day every time you open them.

  • Make you wonder how you've ever gone without them!




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