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Got To Go

Have you ever traveled with someone who has an incredibly small bladder? Been out with kids that just can't hold it? Or found yourself away from home and doing the bathroom dance?

Lets be honest, we all have! To finally put an end to that, our team has mapped and rated thousands of free restrooms. Then created this free, easy to use app to make sure that you're always close to a free restroom when you need to go.


With our app, you may still do the bathroom dance but, you won't have to go too far when you've Got To Go!

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Upcoming App:

hii-line! is a data analytics and delivery platform that is alleviates the pain points associated with delivery. hii-line! is scheduled to be available in the Play Store and Apple App Store by 2nd Quarter 2022

Upcoming App:
Greek Socials Unite App 

Need to keep in touch with all your Greek friends? Or traveling and want to meet other Greeks in town. 

Whatever the reason, the Greek Socials Unite app gives you an opportunity to connect with Greek friends like you never before! GSU allows you to Plan and advertise upcoming events, find out which organizations and social chairs are close to you, and chat with Greeks from your org, season, number, or tree all across the nation!

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HSI was created with the idea that apps should be straight forward, user friendly, and the solutions to real world problems.

Our number one priority is to make your everyday life better by creating apps that:


  • Are and always will be free.

  • Add value to your day every time you open them.

  • Make you wonder how you've ever gone without them!





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